Support Belmont ES

Direct Deposit

If you prefer to directly donate to the PTA as your way of supporting our school, staff and students, you may paypal any amount of your choosing throughout the school year.  Our email is  Thank you in advance for your donation!

Register your Giant and Harris Teeter cards
A quick and easy way to earn money for Belmont is to register your Giant and Harris Teeter Card.  Every time you shop, you will earn free and easy money for our school! If you’re not registered, please do so now!! For both programs you need a store card, and you must RE-REGISTER every year.

  • To register for the Giant program, click here-Use Belmont Group # 00687
    (program runs September 7, 2018 – March 16, 2019)
  • To register for the Harris Teeter programclick here – Use Belmont Group #1115
    (program starts Aug 1st)

Shop at CertifiKID

Belmont PTA is please to partner with Certifikid to help raise easy money for organization.  This fundraiser is a great way to show your support.  Sign up for free on, and use promo code BELMONT.  The PTA will receive a $5 donation when you make a purchase of $20 or more.  The code can be used multiple times.  Please share the promo code with friends and family.  There’s no limit to how much we can raise.  This promotion ends June 15, 2019.

Box Tops
Did you know that two local elementary schools earned over $7,000 for their PTA just from Box Tops? Let’s be one of the top earners this school year!!

Our PTA participates in the General Mills’ Box Tops for Education program. We all buy many products with the little “Box Tops for Education” coupon.  Simply by clipping the coupon and returning it to school earns our school 10 cents for each coupon.  All that clipping earned $700.00 for our PTA last school year! If each student can clip 50 coupons this year, our school could earn $1,600.00!

Click here to download the list of  Box Top Products.  Save the Box Tops in a convenient place in your kitchen (like a Ziploc brand plastic bag) and send them in periodically in your child’s backpack labeled “ATTN: MAYA FITTS, PTA BOX TOPS PROGRAM.”   When you clip the coupons, please make sure that the expiration date is included.  Box tops cannot be submitted if they are past the date or if the date has been cut off.

Be on the look out for flyers from our chair, Maya Fitts, with information on when to turn in your coupons and what prizes our students can win! To get more information, visit