PTA Meetings

We hope you can join us for our PTA meetings.  Attending the PTA Meetings are the best way to stay updated and in contact with Mr. Pinkowitz and the PTA Board with school related matters, have your questions answered, concerns addressed, and become a part of the planning process for PTA Events and Fundraisers.

All meetings are at 7pm unless otherwise noted below.  Agendas will be sent out a few days prior to each PTA meeting.  Mr. France, BAR-T, will have childcare at each PTA meeting.  We have many great speakers joining us this year, so we believe it will be an insightful year of meetings ahead and we hope you will join us!

Belmont Elementary School PTA: PTA Meeting Schedule

October 2019

1    PTA Meeting/New Curriculum + Budget Meeting: Tuesday, 7 pm                                                PTA Agenda 10.1.19

 Mrs. Kelly’s Presentation on the NEW Literacy Curriculum

November 2019

5     PTA Meeting/guest speaker, Dr. Kelly Donohue, Finding Joy in Everyday Parenting: 7pm

PTA Agenda 11.5.19

December 2019

3  PTA Meeting: Tuesday, 7 pm

PTA Agenda 12.3.19 and Oct. Nov. Minutes

January 2020


February 2020

4   PTA Meeting/Guest speaker: Dr. Rebecca Resnick, Coping, Grit & Resilience, Tuesday, 7pm

PTA Agenda 2.4.20

March 2020

3   PTA Meeting/Guest Speaker: Denise DeRosa, Parenting in the Digital Age, Tuesday, 7pm

PTA Agenda 3.3.20

April 2020


May 2020

5    PTA Meeting: Voting on New Board, Tuesday, 7 pm  (NOW ON ZOOM)