Green Committee Monthly Challenges


Deforestation occurs when forested area is cut and cleared away for agriculture or grazing. Over 14 thousand square miles are lost to deforestation each year! Once lost, species of plants and animals are lost forever.

Challenge: Plant a tree for the holidays and create a holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.) decoration using materials from nearby trees or woods (e.g., pinecones, pine needles, acorns, etc.). Send photos to Amrita Ghosh to post. Green Committee invites parents and teachers to participate.


We want all Belmont students to start recycling dried out markers and pens, mechanical pencils, and old/small crayon pieces. The Green Committee will be starting collections. Gather these supplies from your house and school supplies to recycle rather than throwing in the trash! Students may send a picture of themselves sending in their old supplies to recycle to to be featured on the PTA Green Committee website!


October’s challenge is to have fun with Halloween!
1. Roast pumpkin seeds

2. Compost your Halloween pumpkin

3. Grow your own fall vegetables

4. Help reduce/reuse/recycle and make a costume from other materials.

Send a family-friendly photo of your challenge to by Oct. 31 and you may be featured on the PTA’s website.