COVID-19 Impact on PTA Calendar

We are all saddened that our spring events are cancelled or altered due to COVID-19. We know this is normally a busy and fun time for our Belmont community and it does not feel the same not having our traditional Belmont events.  Please see below to learn how the EXEC Board has decided to handle the remainder of the school events and fundraisers.

Science Fair: Many students started a science fair project and our fabulous Science Fair Chairs have enabled a way for you to share your hard work! ball-shaped-circle-close-up-dark-414860 See link here for more information on our virtual science fair and how your child(ren) can participate.

Sample Science Fair template

Virtual science fair instructions


books in black wooden book shelf

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May PTA Meeting:  Save the date for Tuesday, May 5th, 7-8pm ZOOM with Mr. Pinkowitz and the Board Members to connect as a community, receive school and PTA updates and get your questions answered.

Book Fair: We will offer an online Book Fair starting May 11th to allow all our families to purchase quality Scholastic books for their children and homes.  See link here (when available.)


Belmont’s Got Talent: We are unable to offer a replacement for Belmont’s Got Talent 2020.


Belmont Bolt: We are looking and planning to host the Belmont Bolt next school year.