Fall 2020

Thank you for visiting our Belmont PTA website.  We hope that this site contains a wealth of information for our Belmont families from important dates, registration information, fundraising links and event reminders.  Should you suggest any updates or see information missing, please do not hesitate to contact us at belmontptsa@gmail.com.Thank you for visiting!


  • A survey is now open for parents to indicate if they want their child to remain exclusively in a virtual learning environment or engage in a combination of in-person and virtual instruction during the second semester. The survey closes on Dec. 3. Families will receive details on next steps and school-specific information in January.
  • In-person experiences could include a combination of the three following models
    • In-person support for virtual learning: Students will receive staff support with organization, understanding, and completing virtual coursework.
    • Simultaneous learning: Students will be engaged in classrooms that combine in-person instruction with students engaging remotely.
    • Direct instruction: Students will receive in-person instruction without a remote component for that particular course.
  • How instruction will be delivered once we return to buildings may be differentiated for students, given capacity restrictions and staff availability. Parents will receive more information about their school-specific model in January. Survey responses will be used to develop each community and level-specific model. Again, all students may opt to remain fully virtual, and we know the virtual model will play a significant role in our delivery of instruction for the foreseeable future.

November Dates

Scholastic Book Fair – 11/2-11/15

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Thankful for our Staff – 11/2-11/25

International/Multicultural Week (Sign up by 11/11): November 23-25

Olney Help Food Drive – until 11/25

December 1, 7:00 pm. PTA meeting-7pm, ZOOM
Join us for Q&A with Mr. Pinkowitz and an overview of our new math


The Belmont Green Committee strives to raise awareness of environmental  issues impacting our halloweenschool and community. This month, we encourage our students to compost their Halloween jack-o-lantern. 1. Clean out any candle wax and put pumpkin into a rain-resistant container (plastic or recycling bin) with “dry materials” like grass or leaves. Keep outside in the rain-resistant container. 2. Take a picture every week as it decomposes. 3. During class, students can share what happened.

International/Multicultural week – November 23-25

This multicultural event is for everyone! Regions/cultures of the U.S. or any other culture are welcome too!

Ways to participate:

1. In-class slideshow: Create a simple PowerPoint slide with fun and information about your country/culture.

2. In-class presentation: Your child does “show and tell” during class. This includes wearing their national/ cultural clothing, showing a flag, or bringing an object to share.

3. Video/audio links of a folktale, bedtime story, or lullaby:

Special thanks to Jennifer Rusiecki, Laurice Wong, Amrita Ghosh, and Beliue Risher for their planning.